Sitting Posture

Headaches, neck pain and back pain can often be the result of a poor ergonomic set up at your work or home office desk. So here are a few tips to avoid pain caused by poor posture.


Is Your Posture Causing You Pain?Neck Pain

Do you often find yourself slouching in your seat at the office? Or working on your laptop on the couch or even worse, in your bed? It’s these sorts of postures that often bring on tight muscles in your neck and upper back and tension headaches.

But what is ‘posture’? – Posture is defined as ‘a position of the body’ or ‘an attitude’ ( What makes posture different to ‘a position’ is the mental component – emotions often have an input into the posture we portray e.g. deflated/upset posture = collapsed body/hunched shoulders.

There is no reason to ‘grin and bear’ the pains caused by poor posture and suffer in silence. Part of improving your posture is being aware of it and understanding that you can take control by listening to your body and taking action.

Posture is defined as ‘a position of the body’ or ‘an attitude’ – emotions affect the posture you portray.


FactsSkeleton sitting

• Do you wear multi focal glasses? To alleviate neck pain try using separate reading glasses

• Ladies! When was the last time you had your bra fitted? Neck & upper back pain could be due to an ill fitting bra

• Good posture can help to lower your risk of arthritis as it does not allow for abnormal wear on your joints



A few simple tips to achieving a good sitting posture

  • Set an alarm to take a ‘neck’ break every 30-60min. It can be as simple as standing up for a few moments to straighten your spine or stretch backwards gently.
  • Use a headset if your job entails extensive use of a telephone
  • Use a document holder which should be at the same eye level as the screen & close to the monitor
  • Want to see your true posture? Give your partner or workmate permission to take a picture of you sitting at your workstation or at home on the couch without you knowing.

Sitting Posture


How can Physiotherapy help you and your posture?

Physiotherapy can help educate yUpper backou on good sitting posture but can also help you to relieve the pain caused by poor posture including:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Upper & lower back pain




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