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Physiotherapy Services

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At Inspired Physiotherapy we provide a wide range of services that’s aimed to improve your body and your health. Being situated in Crestwood means that our practice is within short distance within the Hills District without having to battle main street traffic.

Who we can help

Private patients

Hicaps is an automatic claims system where your private health fund card can be swiped and the claim is done on the spot so you only have to pay the gap. The gap amount will depend on your health fund and your level of cover.


Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy can help to strengthen you prior to surgery which enables a smoother recovery post surgery and it can also help with your recovery post surgery with hands on techniques and gym or home based strengthening exercises.


From the novice beginner athlete to the elite professional. Physiotherapy can help to alleviate your pain and treat those frustrating injuries that keep you from participating in your sport. We’ll help to identify the true cause of your injury, treat it and educate you on how to prevent re-aggravation and get you back on the field as soon as possible.

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Program (EPC)

The Medicare EPC program was introduced by Medicare for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, arthritic conditions and cardiac abnormalities that would benefit from physiotherapy. If you qualify for this program you will require a referral from your treating doctor and this will give you 5 visits to a Allied Health Practitioner (including physiotherapy) per calendar year. The EPC will cover the majority of the consult cost therefore there is only a small gap for the client to pay.

Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapist is trained in a number of different types of treatment techniques to treat and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system including:

Mobilisation and manipulation of joints using ‘hands on’ techniques

This form of therapy helps to increase range of motion, reduce pain and get you back to your everyday activities as soon as possible.


Massage encourages musculature to relax. Not only does it feel great but it helps to ‘switch off’ overactive muscles that could be causing your pain.

Dry Needling

Have you ever felt tough, stiff bands of muscles in areas where you feel pain? Dry needling is when small acupuncture needles are inserted into stiff or tight fascial lines to encourage healing and relaxation of the fascia in the area.

Exercise Prescription

Need some guidance on what exercises to do pre or post surgery, to recover from an injury or just for general fitness? Our physiotherapist can develop an individualized program to cater for your individual needs.

Injury Management

Exercise Physiology

We specialise in exercise and movement for people with acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

Aches & Pains

We take a holistic approach and aim to treat the cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms.

Postural Assessment

Posture is part of our everyday regime and something that can impact our lives without you realising.

Post Operative Rehab

It is important pre and post surgery to rehabilitate and strengthen the injured area.

Sports & Active


We treat your sports injuries and get you back on the field as soon as possible.


Let us assess your technique and identify what may be causing your injury.

Dance Physio

Pre-Pointe Assessments

Pre-pointe screenings are available at the clinic to ensure your body is physically ready for the demands of pointe work.

Dance & Physical Culture Assessments

Dance and physical culture both have their own language and it’s important that your health professional speaks your ‘language’.


Our dance physios are available to attend your studio to run workshops about Safe Dance Practice.



Intimate classes where our physiotherapists to work with your closely (mat and reformer).

Total Body HIIT Class

Group exercise class that incorporates a combination of resistance training and boxing.

Mature Age Exercise Class

Classes specifically designed to cater for the over 65 year olds who are looking to improve their fitness

Why Choose Our Baulkham Hills Physio Practice?

Private Rooms

We know the importance of one on one consultations and client confidentiality and achieve this through dedicated allocations and private rooms.

We’re Focused on You

You are the soul focus for your consultation as we never double book and we also have private consultation rooms to ensure that your private information is not overheard by others


We are also all about convenience being associated with Hicaps ‘on the spot’ claims, where we can swipe your private health fund card and all you will have to pay is the remaining ‘gap’.

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Don’t let niggles become injuries that prevent you from enjoying life to its fullest. Have it assessed and treated at Inspired Physio.

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