The Deadlift

Got ya back

Are you doing it correctly?

‘I’ve got a bad back … I shouldn’t ever lift weights because it will make it worse.’ This is a common belief however the deadlift is the

key to lifting something off the ground safely. It could save your back from long-term pain…

Why should I deadlift?

In 2008 the MedicFR Backal Journal of Australia found that ‘80% of the Australian population will experience back pain at some point in the course of their lifetime’. If we think about it, that’s is a rather high statistic.

Back pain can be caused by a number of things including poor sitting posture, incorrect lifting techniques and sometimes it can be something as silly as a sneeze/cough or bending forward with a slight twist to make the bed.

The severity of the back pain can range from a muscle spasm to more severe disc pain with radiating pain down the legs and rehabilitation may require some hands on therapy and core re-activation exercises.

We lift all day – to pick up the groceries, to clean the bottom of the fridge or even to pick up your kids or grandkids. So know how to lift and lift safely is key to a full recovery or even as prevention.

Back Pain Statistics

  • 80% of the Australian population will experience back pain at some point in their life
  • 86% of the population will have an asymptomatic disc herniation of the spine
  • 10% of the Australian population will experience significant disability as a result of their back pain

Deadlift Technique

Key Points:

  • Start with the bar over your midfoot – around your shoelacesDL tech
  • As you bend your knees your shins should touch the bar
  • Hips as in picture
  • Keep your arms long / straight
  • Ensure you back is in neutral position
  • Get tight!
  • As you stand up, the bar should stay in contact with your shins & thighs

Common Errors:

  • Bar drifting away from your legs as you lift it from the ground
  • Not re-setting your neutral back between reps

Queues: Set your back –> Drag the bar –> hips through to finish pull

How can physiotherapy help you?


Physiotherapy can help educate you on how to lift correctly despite your age and level of fitness. We can also help to:

  • Improve strength
  • Improve fitness
  • Ensure correct technique is being used in your day to day fitness regime to avoid injury.


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