Price List

Price List

You should be able to claim back a significant proportion of the service fee through private health insurance. HICAPS is available for instant claim processing. Credit card facilities are available. We accept AMEX, Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS transactions for gap payments.

Physiotherapy Fees

Initial Consult – $115 / 45 min*
Standard Consult – $95 / 30min**

Senior Physiotherapist Fees

Initial Consult – $120 / 45min*

Standard Consult – $100 / 30min **

Taping – $10-15 depending on body part being strapped (15min)

*HCF More for Muscles $90 with no gap

**Physiotherapy fees vary by practitioner and duration of your treatment and is subject to change, check with your health fund if you need to know your ‘gap’ prior to booking in for physiotherapy

***Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plans accepted (with a gap)

Pilates Pricing

Reformer Pilates – $100 (60 min) / 5 Reformer Pass $450 (60 min x 5)

Casual Visit – $25 (60min class)
10 pass – $225 (60min class)
5 pass – $112.50 (60min class)

All pilates classes can be claimed from your health fund depending on your coverage.

All Pilates 5 and 10 Passes expire within 7 and 12 weeks of purchasing the pass.