Product of the Month – Theraputty

puttyPutty (or Thera-putty) is a malleable product that looks a lot like play dough. It has been used by Physiotherapists for years to develop and maintain grip after a hand injury. It is one of the most versatile methods of exercising and rehabbing the hand as it helps to strengthen the hand and wrist muscles after injury – it also helps to strengthen wrist flexors as well as the smaller muscles in the hand.

The putty can be manipulated in any way to produce specific exercises (prescribed by one of our Physios Deb or Chris) and also to stimulate functional activities. It can significantly help to prevent painful and chronic or long lasting injuries by strengthening the joints, tendons and muscles in the lower to mid arm area and will improve your strength performance.

Using your putty regularly/doing your exercises will also help to prevent future hand and wrist problems. Each colour represents a different resistance. At Inspired Physiotherapy we stock Red (soft) and Green (medium) at a cost of $15. If you have injured your hand and think Putty exercises may benefit you come and see one of our Physiotherapists @ Inspired Physiotherapy ☺

Megan Bradley, Practice Manager