Learn how to reduce your pain!

IMG_1011At Inspired Physiotherapy we often see people after an injury has become established, or what we may refer to as chronic – weeks, months or even years of pain that people have put up with for a number of reasons. As a general rule, if a chronic injury has been around for months, you are probably looking at months to reverse that process.

So today let’s talk about maintenance. You service your car regularly to keep it running well – fresh oil, new filters, making sure there are no leaks or hidden surprises that will turn into big issues that leave you stranded. For whatever reason, the concept of maintaining your body is much less well practiced. By the time you come to see us for treatment, you’re broken down on the side of the road, being towed in to the mechanic.

So how do we maintain our bodies, so that they continue to HELP us reach goals and enjoy life rather than BURDEN us with pain and restriction? Simple!

1. Move!
We are creatures designed for movement and activity. The realities of modern life mean that for most, we have to make the time to be active. Going to the gym, playing a sport, getting out for a good hike/swim/cycle… whatever you enjoy, make the time to do it! Set a schedule and stick to it, even if you don’t feel like it. It takes time to create a new habit.

2. Recover.
Recovery is just as important as getting moving. Stretching and foam rolling are easy ways to start gently working through the aches and niggles that build up from every day life and activity. They are great because there is no excuse not to do them – a foam roller is super cheap, stretching is free, and both can be done in your living room watching TV.

IMG_1003Outside of those, semi-regular massage to work through those kinks that you just can’t get rid of yourself, or coming in for a preventative treatment if things are a little more complex, will save you a lot of aggravation and money later on. One or two treatments now, versus ten treatments later? Easy choice!

To help you get started, Inspired Physiotherapy has put together a package to give your engine a full service. Included is 120 minutes of massage (1x60min / 2x30min) to work out those kinks, a gaitscan to assess your movement from the ground up, and a mobility pack including a foam roller, tennis ball, golf ball and theraband so that you have all the tools needed to keep yourself on the road.