Runners – are you reaching your potential?

Jess-newHi, Jess here!

You may have seen me behind the front desk here at Inspired Physio but I am also a third year physiotherapy student, and Deb has asked me to write a bit on what I know.

Running is my calling an I have been running and competing in increasing distances since I was 14 years old. Running is a great way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, maintain a healthy weight and is one of the most flexible exercises as all you need is a pair of joggers and some motivation and you are good to go!

Most people know that to increase running distance it’s all about gradual increases in run length. But what a lot of people don’t realise how important building muscle strength is in running. The stronger a muscle is, the less effort is required to contract and create force to move the body forward. This means less energy is expended and less fatigue felt and those increases in run length can be seen sooner in your running program.

I personally took a step back from my running program at the start of this year after a failed attempt at a marathon at the end of last year (I made it to 35kms before my muscles gave way on me) and started an intensive glute, hamstring, quad and core strengthening program. I am now running not only a lot further but faster than ever, I bound up hills and feel like I have springs in my shoes, all with a lot less fatigue.

Gearing up for my second attempt at a marathon next year and if my times now are anything to go by I will not only make the distance, but will be competitive.

If you feel like your training has plateaued and that you could use a bit more strength to push you through your runs our experienced physios can give you some tips and set you on the right path.

Happy running!