Ronin Barbell Club – Master your Strength

GymAt Inspired Physiotherapy we take an holistic approach to recovering from an injury and see the need for more specialised coaching to progress past the injury phase and into the strength training phase. We are very proud to introduce our new gym facility and strength and conditioning program which provides new and existing clients the best quality equipment to conquer their strength goals.

What is Ronin Barbell Club?

Ronin Barbell Club Logo1Ronin Barbell Club was started to provide a supportive and hardworking atmosphere for those chasing down their strength goals. Ronin Barbell Club is not about losing weight or winning triathlons – it is about picking up heavy things, and getting better at it. Ronin Barbell Club strives to provide:

  • Access to quality equipment, coaching and programming
  • Personal coaching and programming attention
  • Train with others committed to the same goal – shifting huge weights!

Head Coach of Ronin

Chris Profile PicOur principal strength and conditioning coach is Christopher Mooney who has been strength training for a number of years, achieving personal bests (so far…) of a 240kg squat, 155kgx3 bench press, and 240kg deadlift. Chris has graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) and is in the final year of his Masters in Physiotherapy. Chris’s academic background gives him the ability to work with clients who have an existing injury that they may think is preventing them from reaching their goals.

Being involved in strength coaching for a number of years, Chris has coached lifters from all walks of life – beginner to national record holder, grid iron player to police officer.

Why choose Ronin?

Personal attention – small group sessions mean you get the coaching you need quality equipment – train with equipment designed for strength training
Community – train with others who are committed to the same goal – shifting weight!
Value – Personal training costs more per session than you pay per week at Ronin Barbell.

Session Times:

Tuesday and Thursday: 6PM – 7 30PM / 7 30PM – 9PM

Saturday: 9AM – 10 30AM / 10 30AM – 12PM

Ideally, members would train three time per week (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday). If life is too busy, two times a week can be done… keep in mind this can impact on the speed of your progress, however.

There are currently TWO SPOTS PER SESSION available. A minimal commitment of 2 sessions per week is required for the best results – if you cannot commit to this then one on one personal training sessions may be more ideal (inquire at


Ronin Barbell Club is $60 per week, with a minimum one month commitment.

This price is inclusive of coaching and programming. Chris will design a specific program tailored to your goals.



Chris –

Ronin Barbell Club – Master your strength!