Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment

Posture is part of our everyday regime and something that can impact our lives without you realizing. Poor sitting or standing posture can be the cause of numerous niggles including:

  • Tension headaches – bottom of the skull, into the forehead and behind the eyes
  • Disc pain – the jelly like discs between the bones in our spine are there to absorb shock however, cannot do this effectively when not aligned as they should be
  • Tight and sore muscles in the neck / upper back and lower back
  • Shoulder pain from upper back slouching – poor positioning of the upper back can create referred pain down the arm
  • Sciatic pain – poor sitting postures or extended periods of time sitting can cause pain that is referred down the leg

A simple postural assessment conducted by our physiotherapist can help to alleviate pain as well as develop strategies to prevent pain from reoccurring. This can include:

  • Sitting and standing posture advice
  • Self massage with a tennis ball
  • Posture exercises for the neck, upper back and lower back
  • Taking regular breaks
  • Using a headset when taking phone calls at work to avoid neck pain

Other factors that you may not have thought of could also be affecting your posture – for example:

  • When was the last time you had your glasses prescription checked? Multi or bi focal glasses or a prescription that isn’t right for you anymore can cause you to crane your neck to read, leading to neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches.
  • For the ladies – when was the last time you had you bra fitted? An ill fitting bra can cause slumping shoulders, neck and upper back pain.
  • Do you use your phone or laptop whilst in bed or relaxing on the couch? Sinking into the couch or bed leads to slumped over shoulders, poked neck and no support for the lower back. This can lead to sciatic pain, headaches, neck pain and upper back pain.
  • Or it may be your sleeping posture in bed, how old is your mattress? Do you rotate it? And how old are you pillows?

There are numerous factors that may affect your posture and just as many tips and tricks to help improve it to avoid having constant aches and pains. A postural assessment could be all you need to stand a little taller and prouder.