What you need to do to perform better at your sport

IMG_0989As some of my clients know, for a few months now I have been massaging top level athletes in the NRL and Cricket. Sport massage is a vital component to any form of sport or training and you don’t have to be a paid athlete to justify getting one. If you are like me and you participate in a particular sport or you go to the gym regularly then you need regular massage.

Sports massage can help to improve your performance in your chosen sports – for instance, Deb who is one of our physios in the clinic is a competitive powerlifter. She has a sports massage prior to any of her lifting competitions as it helps improve her upper back flexibility to set up for squat and bench as well as loosen up her glutes for better muscle activation for the deadlift. The better set up in each of her lifts allows her to lift more weight which is what counts in a comp!
If you perform any activity without adequate rest between, then you will most likely develop abnormal muscle contractions, trigger points, range of motion restriction and possibly muscle tears. Sport massage is used to reduce the risk of injury and have you performing at your peak level.

Other benefits of sports massage include:

• Muscular relaxation

• Anxiety reduction

• Deactivation of trigger points (small muscle contractions that prevent full movement and contraction of the muscle)

• Formation of healthy scar tissue

A lot can be gained from a sports massage and making it a part of your regular training routine could help improve your flexibility and performance.

See you in the clinic!

Dave Ward

Massage Therapist