8 Secrets of Healthy Ageing

SimoneDLet’s face it, we are all growing older and nothing can change that.

But what we do have control over, is how we age – do we want to remain independent and in control of our health, to continue to do the things we love doing?

Here are 8 steps that you can implement today to increase your quality of life as you age.

1.     30 minutes of moderate exercise and 30 minutes of relaxation daily

We begin to lose muscle mass at the age of 40 years old so resistance training / weight bearing exercise is crucial to healthy ageing.

Make sure you get up and stretch every 30 minutes to 1 hour if you have been sitting, to keep those muscle and joints mobile.

2.     Drink 8 glasses of water per day

This can be a variety of filtered water, herbal teas, nutribullet / protein smoothies.

This will ensure our cells are hydrated, and allows nutrients to be absorbed more easily giving us more energy. It also carries waste material from our cells.

3.     Enjoy a minimum of 3 cups of vegetables per day

Don’t just think of vegetables for dinner. Incorporate into snacks with dip, nutribullets and homemade soups (tip: always make more broth and freeze for future use)

4.     Incorporate protein into each meal or snack

We need this to maintain and grow our muscle mass, required for sustainable, healthy ageing. Good quality whey protein shakes are great to incorporate into your day if you don’ t feel like heavier meals. Enjoy a selection of meat, seafood, eggs, yoghurt, chia and legumes in your diet.

5.     Enjoy a minimum of 2 pieces or 1 cup of fruit per day

Fruits contain an amazing array of nutrients and antioxidants to help keep us ageing well.

6.     Limit starchy carbohydrates to 1-2 serves per day

This generally includes bread and pasta. Eating too much of these can leave us feeling full and bloated and possibly missing out on other important vegetables and protein.

7.     Include a handful of nuts and seeds, and 2 tablespoons of healthy oil per day

We need these for omega 3 intake, which is important to reduce inflammation in your body. Olive oil is the best option. Avoid vegetable oils, as they are high in omega 6 and too much can be damaging to our weight and health.

8.     Supplements

Good quality supplements, from a qualified natural health practitioner will keep your health at optimum levels. Probiotics, fish oil, multi vitamins/ minerals and a resveratrol rich antioxidant formula will optimise healthy ageing, and ensuring movement, mood, energy and cognitive control.


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