Reformer Pilates – What’s the go?

sara-profileReformer Pilates – Why you should be doing it!

You may have seen that the latest trend in Pilates exercise is to do it on a reformer bed. It’s become extremely popular due to celebrities and health/fitness gurus swearing by its conditioning and toning benefits. But what actually is Reformer Pilates and why should you include it in your Pilates routine?

Why? A reformer bed allows cables, bars and weighted springs to be added to your traditional Pilates exercises. They can be done lying down on your back, side lying or even standing. All exercises can be made to suit any level, so your physiotherapist can make any exercise harder or easier based on your needs. Why is it different to mat Pilates? Pilates on a reformer bed allows for a more dynamic exercise routine and offers a much wider repertoire of exercises.

Who? Anyone from grandmas to professional ballerinas can benefit from Reformer bed Pilates. If you want to build lean muscle tone, increase your core strength, and improve your flexibility then reformer bed Pilates is for you, regardless of age, sex or fitness level. It’s also a great tool that your physiotherapist can use for postoperative rehabilitation. For our dancers, the reformer bed allows us to work through ballet specific techniques and increase your flexibility and strength in these areas.

Injuries? If you suffer from any aches and pains reformer Pilates is a great option for you. It can be made as gentle as required whilst still having the benefit of weighted exercise. It’s especially great for reducing low back pain and for post pregnancy exercise.

So keep an eye out… COMING SOON to Inspired Physiotherapy!

Sara Andriejunas, Physiotherapist