The Selfie Epidemic

selfieelbowThe “selfie” – believed to be a word originating in Australia back in 2002. From there, the selfie world went into overdrive. There is now a selfie elbow epidemic.

Imagine the strain put on your elbow and arm when taking a selfie. Holding your arm out, sometimes in strange angles and for a period of time waiting for that perfect selfie. It has been noted that some young

women spend up to 5 hours a week taking selfies!

Depending on the angle a selfie is taken, it can pinch the median nerve in your wrist, or put strain on the nerves running from your neck down your arm. The problem is simply overuse. If you do something enough times it is going to have consequences. And like carpal tunnel and tendinitis, it’s the repetitive nature of the task that causes the ache.


There are options out there to help reduce selfie injuries, such as:

  • A selfie stick
  • Being ambidextrous
  • Pre-selfie stretching
  • Being old school and get a passing stranger to take a photo for you
  • Or, a massage to help ease the tension and stress on your muscles and nerves

Selfie safely people!

Michelle Pomering, Massage Therapist

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