Physiotherapy for Physical Culture

opera-house-quotes-1Physiotherapy for Physical Culture!

Here at Inspired Physiotherapy we GET Physie. We know that it’s a hard sport to find a physiotherapist who understands it, let alone one that can help you with technique and rehabilitate your injuries. So what can I help you with?

  1. Injury rehabilitation: It’s common to have physie girls suffering from knee, hip, foot and/or lower back pain. Do your calf muscles or ankles really hurt during your marching? Or maybe during floor drill your hips hurt due to trying to force your splits or trying to get a better saddle. Maybe your lower back aches when standing at attention? These are issues that come up often, and whilst they may give you a lot of pain, most of time they can be fixed quite easily if we address the problem early on.
  2. Technique: Physie has its own style and techniques. Commonly girls come in for help with specific aspects of their work eg: marching or floor drill technique. I can work out why you are getting marked down for these aspects of your work and give you specific exercises to improve on these. This will not only give you a competitive edge amongst the other girls but will also improve you as a dancer for the long term.

So for all you Physie girls out there regardless of whether you are APDA/BJP/EP, give us a call and request an appointment with Sara.

Sara Andriejunas – Physiotherapist