Inspired Physio and Coviu Telehealth Consults

banner-home-telehealthDuring this COVID-19 crisis its important that Inspired Physio are able to help provide our current and future clients with the option of having physiotherapy assessment and treatment from their homes. Inspired Physiotherapy is now able to provide telehealth consults via the program Coviu. Coviu is a simple and secure telehealth system which allows us to connect with our clients via video link. It can be accessed from your laptop, tablet or phone and does not require the client to sign up or register.

How can I make a Coviu telehealth appointment?

Call our clinic on 9674 5596 and ask for a telehealth appointment. Our reception staff will able to set up that appointment for you and will send you an email with the link to the session. Its as simple as that.

What steps must I take before the consult begins?

Ensure you are in comfortable clothing and the body part you need assessed is easily accessible. If you have any exercise equipment such as a foam roller, tennis/spikey ball, hand weights, yoga mat, then have them handy just in case the physio wants to use them through the session. Have a good secure internet connection and be in a room that is quiet and away from distractions.

How does payment work?

5 minutes before your consult, click on the link to the Coviu telehealth meeting in the email we sent you. You will then be directed to a secure page where you are able to pay for the session online before the consult starts. Once the payment and the client contract form have been completed, you will be seeing the face of your physio and your assessment and treatment can begin!

How can we help via telehealth?

Even when doing a face to face consult in the clinic, most of the information we get from you is by talking and watching you move. We are still able to do these two important things within a video consult as well as talk you through some simple tests and  palpation techniques which can help us diagnose what the problem is. Within the session, we are able to set you up with a home based exercise program via Physitrack and are able to walk you through these exercises live whilst we watch and direct. Advice on pain management and taping techniques can also be given within the session.

Are there any restrictions on what can be assessed and treated?

Inspired Physio is confident that most injuries and issues can be assessed and treated via telehealth. Obviously we are not able to touch and feel or administer hands on manual therapy however the most effective forms of treatment are usually verbal and ones that encourage self-management of your injury.

Is the clinic still open?

Yes we are still open for business and we are proud to help do our bit in offloading the Australian health system by keeping our doors open for pain and injury management. We are taking extensive precautions to limit the spread of infection and we ask that you do the same by staying away from our clinic if you are sick or have been around anyone who is sick or has been overseas recently.