Hercules of the Hills

I’ve been wanting to compete this year but have had a couple of obstacles in my way including a knee injury so it wasn’t at the top of my priority list. I love competing for a couple of reasons – it keeps me focused on a goal, helps me stay consistent with training and it’s also a big physical and mental challenge that I enjoy. The opportunity came up to compete in the Hills area in Hercules of the Hills not long after our trip to New Zealand. I did um and ah about it because I had landed badly on ice while snowboarding and bruised my coccyx (and my ego haha) and sprained my wrist but I thought ‘heck, why not, nothing to loose and only experience to gain – lets keep my head in the game and stay on the board for 2016.’ So with only 5 weeks to prepare (preparation is normally a solid 12 weeks) I committed myself to this comp and pushed through within reason – I made sure to listen to my body and adjust technique to work around my injuries.

I finished the day with a 112.5kg squat, 50kg bench and 127.5kg deadlift, totaling 290kg in the 52kg body weight class and winning Best Female Lifter of the day out of 10 females that competed. Although I may not have hit any personal bests that day it was great to just be in that supportive atmosphere and learn that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve if I put my mind to it and there is always a way. It didn’t matter that I didn’t get any PBs – it mattered more that I gave it a shot and it was great to have such a supportive crew to cheer me on.

Deborah Chen, Physiotherapist