How to get the most out of physiotherapy

Inspired_Physio_117We all know physiotherapy can require a reasonable investment of time and money. Here is how to make the most of it so you can get back to your normal routine!

1. Make sure you actually come in
At your initial consultation, we will assess your issue, inform you what is going on, and outline our plan to fix it within a certain timeframe. Let’s say the plan involves a three week period where we want to see you twice a week. We understand that this will require shifting some things around, but it will provide you with the best outcomes in terms of a quick and speedy recovery.

2. Do your exercises!
We give you ‘homework’ in order to continue making progress while you aren’t at physiotherapy, as well as to provide you the tools to self manage future issues in the long term. If you do not DO the exercises, you are relying solely on your 30min session with us to undo 23 hours and 30 minutes of pain each day. Doesn’t sound like a fair fight, does it?

3. Make your health a priority
Work, family and other commitments are easy to put ahead of that niggling pain. It’s not that bad, it can’t wait another week or two right? As a (very) general rule, the amount of time you spend with pain is the amount of time it will take to alleviate it. Pain means different compensations which embed themselves in your movement/posture/daily living… the longer you leave them, the longer they take to fix!