Football (soccer) players and FIFA11+ injury prevention tool

FIFA11+ is an injury prevention program targeted towards football (soccer) players, aimed towards preventing leg injuries. It’s designed to be completed at training and as a warm up pre-game, incorporates running and plyometric elements and takes only 20 minutes to complete. It’s backed up by solid research that says it can reduce leg injuries by 41% in both men and women football players!

Despite FIFA having promoted the FIFA11+ in over 80 countries including Australia, only 10% of all Member Associations of FIFA have implemented this in their coaching strategies. With such great positives why isn’t it being implemented by every football club?

One reason is that players and coaches are not aware that it exists – many recreational league coaches are volunteers/parents or players, and while they often have great understanding of the sport through personal experience may not have access to up-to-date programs and confidence in their implementation.

fifa-11-poster-warmup-to-prevent-injuries-1-638Another reason is commitment to the program. It requires a nominated person to learn the program instruct the team throughout the warmup so that the protocol is followed.

These negatives aside, by preventing leg injuries you maximise your game time and reduce sideline time due to preventable injuries, which outweighs these hassles!

Be the driving change in your football team and bring this up to your coach, club medic or physiotherapist and challenge them to implement it in your team.