Dance workshops run by Inspired Physio: FAQ’s

ED1EA910-D9F6-4B49-AD0D-F028F010C369The beginning of the new year is a great time to have Inspired Physio come out and run a workshop for your dance school or Physie club. Getting organised for the year ahead and planning for your students needs can make all the difference when wanting a smooth and successful year! The Christmas holidays can also mean an extended period of time off for students and this can lead to flexibility loss and general deconditioning. So if you are keen to find out exactly what we offer and how it can help, we have answered some of our most common FAQ’s below:

1.       What does the workshop include and are we allowed to mould it to our needs?  The workshop is usually focused around a few key areas and we suggest the school choose 3 areas they think their students would benefit from the most. These are really just suggestions and if you have any other areas we are more than happy to accommodate:

a)      Strength exercises for turn out, ankle and foot

b)      Flexibility for hips, legs, ankles and feet

c)       Safe stretching techniques

d)      Core strength and posture control/awareness

e)      Balance improvements

f)        Technique fixes such as higher kicks, straighter knees, better pointe

The workshops can be tailored for dance schools across all levels and styles as well as APDA, BJP and EP Physie clubs.

2.       Can you help with pre pointe preparation?

Yes we can. At Inspired Physiotherapy we do individual Pre Pointe Assessments for a number of Sydney dance schools. In some cases a school may want us to come out and do a general pre pointe preparation class which can give the students a head start and better idea about the things we look for within the assessment. Most importantly it instills the idea that pre pointe preparation is a process and takes time. Every dancer will have areas to improve on before starting pointe.

3.       Are there any age or class size restrictions?

We usually suggest the students be split into groups related to their age and grade levels. Eg: for dance schools having your grade 5 and intermediate foundation students together would be fine as they are around the same skill level. For physie clubs, keeping similar age groups together is best. This could mean having a junior workshop (7-12’s), senior workshop (13’s+) and then even a ladies class. We don’t usually suggest having a workshop for students under the age of 7 and we aim to keep class sizes 20 or under so that Deb or myself can pay attention to each student.

4.       Is equipment provided?

We aim to provide all equipment needed for the workshop unless specified at the time of the booking. Dance schools who have yoga mats, pilates balls, foam rollers and stretch bands are encouraged to have a few spare lying around just in case!

5.       What do the students wear?

We encourage the students to wear whatever they usually train or rehearse in. The workshop is done completely in bare feet so no need for shoes. This still applies for pre pointe workshops, no need for demi points or ballet shoes.

6.       When can a workshop be booked for?

We are able to run workshops during business hours and evenings on weekdays. They can be scheduled in school holiday breaks or within the school term. We don’t usually run workshops on weekends.

7.       How do we book a workshop?

Its best to email Sara (  or Deb ( to book a workshop in. We look forward to hearing from you! Alternatively you can contact the clinic on (02) 9674 5596.