Benefits of Real Time Ultrasound

RTUSHave you ever thought ‘I wish I could see if my muscles are working when I tell them to work?’ Well now you can! Inspired Physio now has the added advantage of utilising Real Time Ultrasound or RTUS to show you whether your muscles are activating the way you want them to.

The RTUS allows us to show you the different layers of muscle contract and relax and the timing and size of the muscles and has been shown in studies to assist patient’s connect cuing with activation especially when rehabbing lower back conditions.


The RTUS can be utilised for a number of conditions including

  • Lower back pain
  • Activating core – transverse abdominus / multifidis
  • Activating turnout muscles / deep hip rotators
  • Hip stability
  • Gluteal tendinopathy

It’s also advantageous in the Women’s Health realm especially for continence issues and measuring bladder size.

RTUS is taking video feedback to a whole new level where you can actually match up what you think you feel with what is actually happening.