Want to know Deb’s 2015 New Years Resolution?

IMG_4047Most people arrive at the new year and have a few resolutions or goals they’d like to achieve throughout the year, most common are the ‘eat healthier’ and ‘get fit’. My goal this new year is to BE MORE SELFISH.

It’s not often that people put themselves first. I usually hear parents saying ‘oh my back’s a bit sore but my kid is injured and that needs to be seen to first’ or parents even sacrificing their own physio appointment and giving it to their kid. Being a parent is all about self sacrificing and I do understand this point of view. My career is about giving myself to others – caring for others, helping others and even being the emotional support for others. It’s in my nature to take care of others and put myself on the back burner but you know how this ends? This ends with me being burnt.

I truly enjoy my career and helping people (otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it) but at some point I do have to put myself first. If I don’t take care of myself how do I expect to be able to take care of others? So being more selfish entails me ensuring I have down time for myself which often includes a relaxing massage with Dave or physio treatment with Chris. Being more selfish means taking the time out of my day to train for powerlifting. It’s the me time I need to spend with Bob (the mascot dog) and the time to just sit (one of my favourite hobbies).

So the aim of 2015 is to be more selfish – make sure I put myself first so that when I am taking care of others I’m setting a good example for them and I am the best me I can be (not a tired, overworked, dishevelled form of me). That’s the kind of professional I would like to be in order to take care of you.

See you in the clinic,

Deb Chen