Tis the season!

sittingTis the season…

The holiday period is one we associate with good times, good people, and if we’ve been good ourselves… perhaps a few choice pressies. 

To keep you moving well and enjoying the festive season, here are a few tips!

#1 Keep an eye on your posture on long drives.

It’s almost an Aussie tradition to pack up and get away over the holidays. For many, this can mean long car trips with one eye on the road and one on the kids trying to Houdini their way out of seat belts. 

It’s important to maintain good posture on these long drives, try not to let yourself slouch. If your car seats aren’t very supportive, use a lumbar support or, in a pinch, a rolled up towel in the small of your back. Ensure that your seat and mirrors are set up well so that you aren’t straining your neck to get a view of things – especially important if you are switching drivers every now and then. But most of all, take a little break every now and then – stretch the legs, clear your mind and give your body and chance to move like a human being again for a few minutes.

#2 Get out there!

Many of us will take at least a bit of time off from work over the holidays. Use that time to get to the beach, have a kick with the kids, or get to the gym. We love the holidays because we get to spend time with family and friends, so get them in on the action to! There is more to the holidays than the post barbecue nap (although those are the best naps, let’s be honest).

#3 Rest

Last but not least, try to make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep is where your body recovers and heals itself best, so if you struggle with getting regular sleep it’s a great time to set some good habits. Remember, you can’t ‘catch up’ on lost sleep, so don’t overdo it. But a regular 7-8 hours, consistently, will do a body good.

Chris Mooney