Telehealth Video Consult

Telehealth Video Consult

PhysiappInspired Physio is now offering Telehealth Video Consults for both physiotherapy and exercise physiology. Traditionally, physio and exercise physiology has been seen as a very hands-on approach to care however research has shown that online consultations can be as effective as face to face sessions and that hands-on techniques play a small role in your recovery. The benefits of experienced and thorough advice, education and personalised rehab programs are a big part in helping improve your well-being.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth video consults are consults that can be done online via a video application where the therapist and client are in different geographical locations. It provides opportunity for clients who aren’t able to access care because they’re unable to leave their home or get to the clinic.

We use an encrypted platform endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association called Coviu for online consults which ensures that your private information is secure.

How does it work?
Our physio will begin with a subjective interview just like in a normal face to face session. These questions help us to identify where your pain, injury or restrictions are affecting your day to day life or stopping you from doing what you love (e.g. sports, sitting on the lounge comfortably to watch Netflix).

The next step is to assess your restrictions. Our practitioners will guide you with what movements to do in order to assess your injury and find out what factors could be limiting your movement.

Our physical assessment combined with our subjective interview will allow us to develop an individualised treatment plan to suit your goals. We can then set up a home exercise program on our Physiapp which will have videos and instructions of your program to complete.

A few things you may need to assist us in your consult:

  • Phone or laptop with video and microphone
  • Internet connection / 4G
  • Enough space to move around (potentially some equipment such as tennis ball, dumbbells, resistance bands)
  • Something to rest / prop your phone up on

What type of problems can online physio help with?

Most musculoskeletal issues can be treated via Telehealth Video consult. Telehealth Video consults are particularly good for

  • Assessing postural issues including ergonomic set ups at home desks
  • Dance and Pre Pointe Assessments
  • Pre and post op rehab
  • Getting back into exercise – guidance with exercise programs and accountability to complete programs

What is the fee and are there health fund rebates?

Our Telehealth Video Consult fee is a reduced cost compared to our face to face consult fee. As of 14 April 2020, selected private health funds are providing rebates – if you are unsure whether you are covered, please contact your health fund for more information. We are able to email you a receipt to claim with your health fund.

Physiotherapy Telehealth Consults

  • Initial Consult (45-60min) – $80
  • Standard Consult (30-45min) – $65

Pelvic Floor Telehealth Consults

  • Initial Consult (60-75min) – $100
  • Standard Consult (45-60min) – $75

Exercise Physiology Telehealth Consults

  • Initial Consult (60-75min) – $90
  • Standard Consult (45-60min) – $60

Times may vary depending on technical set up, internet connection and what is required during the session.


If you have any questions, feel free to call the clinic on 9674 5596.