Reformer Pilates for Dancers: Get on track to reaching your dance goals for 2019

At the start of each year I tend to ask my dancer clients what their goals are for the year ahead and what areas they would like to improve on. The beginning of they year is usually a little quieter due to dance schools being on holidays and so it’s a great time to start planning for your busy year ahead and making plans on how to raise the bar for your performances and skill level.

The Reformer is a piece of Pilates equipment which uses a spring system to add load to many of the traditional Pilates exercises. It’s a great way of adding weight to your exercises but in a safe and measured way. Our 60 minute one-on-one sessions aim to not only improve dance performance qualities but also to help with injury recovery. The best thing about doing Reformer Pilates with a registered dance physiotherapist is that we are able to use these exercise sessions to rehabilitate your injuries as well as provide a challenging environment for other areas which may need to be addressed within the one session.

Common complaints which can be addressed by Reformer Pilates sessions:

-Lack of flexibility

-Weak core strength

-Snapping/clicking hips

-Back/neck/hip pain

-Lacking control in your performances

-Poor upper body strength

-Foot and ankle strength for Pointe (exercises can be done in your pointe shoes to help correct alignment and control issues)

Within our sessions we may also use other equipment such as the ‘Spine Corrector’, foam rollers, Pilates ball, swiss ball, balance board and a variety of resistance bands. We may use a combination of equipment with a variety of Mat and Reformer Pilates exercises based on your specific needs and rehabilitation requirements.

Check out below some of our awesome dancers who we have had to pleasure of working with last year!

Skye georgia Kayla Neroli

Just like any exercise and rehabilitation, it takes time and consistency to see results in your dancing. I always recommend exercises to be done at home where/when possible as well as within our sessions. Reformer and mat Pilates packs can be purchased to save money but will also help you keep consistent and accountable!

So start 2019 right and contact us if you or your daughter/son wants to achieve some BIG things this year.