Product of the Month – Theraband

therabandsThe theraband is a long strip of rubber used to perform exercises, often when recovering from an injury. The use of elastic resistance rather than weight-bearing exercises minimises pressure on the joints and lessons the possibility of incurring other injuries

The Theraband is one of the best investments you could make in your recovery from an injury. They are great for gentle exercises and rehab work, especially for shoulder and ankle rehab. However they can also be used in Pilates/Yoga/Dance class and in my cases as part of training in the gym. I use the theraband as a warm up when doing weight training and find it to be the perfect device to get me warmed up for my work out.

Our therabands come in 3 different colours, the colours represent the level of resistance – yellow (thin), red (medium) and green (heavy). The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band. You can work your way through the different levels as you build strength.

Ask one of our Physios how the theraband could benefit you! Get one today for just $10.00 🙂

– Megan (Practice Manager)