Product of the Month – Sports Tape

ankle strappingLeuko Brown Sports tape is a tape with many uses. It is used to support joints during sport, to restrict movement in injuries and injury prevention. With winter sport season coming up the tape can be used to support your joints for high stress and aggressive sports. Leuko Sports tape can also be used preventively – when taped correctly by your physiotherapist it can prevent excessive joint movement that may cause injury. An example of this is an ankle ligament sprain. This size tape is especially good for ankles, knees and shoulders. In certain cases your physiotherapist can show you how to tape your injured area so you can do it at home before an activity/sport.

Not only can Leuko Brown Sports tape be used for injuries and injury prevention it can also be used to stop skin from rubbing and causing blisters. It acts like a band-aid that won’t sweat off and is especially useful when wearing-in new school or work shoes.

In my case Leuko Brown Sports tape came in handy when I broke my pinky toe last year. As the tape can also be ripped in half it can be used on smaller areas such as wrists and to buddy tape fingers and toes. I used it to buddy tape my broken to my second toe – this helped to stabalise my toe and assist in recovery.

At Inspired Physiotherapy we stock two sizes – 3.8cm for $10/roll and 5cm for $15/roll.