Product of the Month – Spikey Massage Ball

btn-main-4Although it may look a little scary the Spikey Massage Ball is a great self-massage tool to dig deep into your muscles when a tennis ball just won’t cut it. Like the foam roller or indeed the tennis ball, the Spikey Massage Ball can be used to massage and release muscle tension all over your body but it is especially suited for the massage of the foot reflex zone. It is fast and easy to use – you can pop it in your work or gym bag to use anytime you feel your muscles are tight and need some releasing and as an added bonus you’ll also be improving your blood circulation with every roll!


The ball is made of a durable plastic that will last for years of use, so you won’t need to replace it. Its small size means you can get into the small and tight spaces – I personally use it on my back – I spend most of my day seated at my desk so my posture is very important. The spikey massage ball can be placed on the wall and rolled up and down my back. I find this a great tool to release tension in my upper back caused from sitting for the majority of the day and not taking enough breaks.


Spikey Massage Balls are $8 at the clinic!


– Megan Bradley

Practice Manager