Product of the Month – Foam Roller

Foam rollingMoving on from the spikey massage ball is the foam roller. It is the ultimate self-massage tool. The foam roller is multifunctional which means value for money and as it is suitable for all ages the whole family can use it.


Although it may not look it – it is quite simple to use. You simply place the problem area on the foam roller – apply some pressure and roll back and forth. I concentrate on my inner and outer thighs, bum and calves before and after cycling or weight training. It’s a great tool to increase your flexibility – as you are rolling you are treating your muscles to a deep massage. I find it great to relieve stress and muscle tightness and also improve circulation to the areas that I foam roll. Not only is it great for all over loosening of the muscles before and after exercise you can also target certain areas by self-massaging trigger points (or tender areas) for instant relief.


At Inspired Physiotherapy we stock the medium (45cm) $40 and small (30cm) $30. Both are perfect sizes for getting to all those hard to reach areas. Click here to watch our full body foam rolling routine!



Megan Bradley

Practice Manager