Product of the Month – Essential Posture Brace

essential-posture-brace-02Posture, posture, posture! If like myself, you need help to correct your rounded/hunched shoulders then the Essential Posture Brace support may be the answer to your (posture related) problems. It works by gently yet firmly pulling your shoulders back into the correct postural position – at first this may take some getting used to as you relax your shoulders and find that the brace keeps your shoulders in the neutral position however it still allows your shoulders and arms to move around freely. This means you can wear it at the desk, doing physical work, at the gym or watching TV.

The benefits include making you sit and stand taller and more importantly you will notice a dramatic improvement in regards to the symptoms associated from having rounded shoulders and/or slouching such as neck/upper back/shoulder pain and tightness.

Although having something on your back may sound uncomfortable it is padded in the right areas so you can get on with your day. It is gentle enough for everyday use and also easy to keep clean – it can be washed on gentle cycle in the washing machine. The Essential Posture Brace is almost invisible under clothes and adjusts easily.

I have found it a beneficial product to help reduce the roundness of my shoulders and improving my overall posture. The Essential Posture Brace is available @ Inspired Physiotherapy for $45.00 and comes in S, M, L & XL.

Check out our YouTube video one how to put on the brace.

Megan Bradley, Practice Manger