Product of the Month – The Bakball

BakballThe BakBall is a great device used to help relieve back and neck pain. It can be used to help release any stiff upper and lower back muscles. It is portable and small enough to pack – so it is especially useful at this time of year if you are going on an Easter road or plane trip.

BakBalls relieve back pain and stiffness by lying on them on the floor or leaning your back against them in sitting or standing. The unique design makes it possible to get into tight muscles and stiff joints. It’s also a convenient tool that can help to relieve your back pain and stiffness in the comfort of your own home, at the office or in car.

BakBalls are also effective in other areas including relieving pain and tightness in tense shoulders, ITBs (side of your thighs which can often be the cause of knee or hip pain) and plantar fascias (bottom of your foot which can often cause heel pain).

For me the BakBall is great as it helps to improve my sitting posture – especially important for those of you who sit most of the day like I do. It can be placed in different regions of your back between yourself and the office chair (anywhere from the lower back up to in between the shoulder blades) and it also helps to massage the muscles and joints whilst helping you to sit upright!

BakBalls are available from the clinic for $40.00

Megan Bradley, Practice Manager