What is Pilates?

Deb 4 point kneelAre you interested in Pilates, but not sure what happens in a class? I’ll answer some common questions we get asked behind the reception desk and give you a ‘first hand’ view of what we get up to.


1. What is Pilates?

Pilates is a gentle and effective form of exercise that can help to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture and help reduce daily aches and pains.


2. Who can do Pilates?

YOU! Inspired physio clients of all ages, fitness and experience levels participate in our weekly Pilates sessions. As Pilates is a gentle form of exercise it can benefit all age groups, even those that feel they may not be able to exercise due to age or injury.


3. I’m pregnant. Is Pilates safe for me and my baby?

Yes, Pilates is an effective yet gentle way to build and maintain your core pre-birth as your baby grows, making a return to daily activities after your pregnancy much easier. In 2017 we will also be offering mum’s and bub’s classes. More details for 2017 classes coming soon.


4. But I’m injured.

Pilates is an excellent way to continue or get back into exercise while injured (that’s how I started). You can have peace of mind as our physiotherapists Deb and Sara takes you through each class, modifying, regressing or progressing each exercise to meet your needs and abilities. We have clients that participate in Pilates with lower back, pelvic, knee, hip, shoulder and wrist injuries just to name a few. As Pilates is gentle, there is minimal strain placed through the joints, instead the muscles are strengthened to support the surrounding structures.


5. What do you do in a class?

Each class involves a variety of exercises including foam rolling, core activation with a variety of equipment including resistance bands, Pilates balls and foam rollers and then moving through functional exercises towards the end of the class.


Want to try a class? Term 1 for 2017 starts on Monday 23rd January so give us a call on 96745596 or book a class online and try your first class for free.

Kristy Norvall, Receptionist (Exercise Physiology student)