Mat Class

Physiocise mat class is a gentle and effective method to discover and strengthen your core muscles and get rid of your daily aches and pains. Inspired Physiotherapy offers an intimate environment where our physiotherapists Deb and Sara will tailor your exercises to your individual needs. This class is mainly mat work with some sitting and standing movements to include more functional positions and is suitable for people of all walks of life and fitness levels.


Reformer Sessions

Inspired Physio offers one on one Reformer sessions for 60min.

Reformer exercise is great for improving strength, balance and coordination. Reformer sessions utilises the resistance of different spring combinations to increase the difficulty of exercises performed on a reformer bed. These exercises help to build strong, lean muscles whilst also targeting the stabilising muscles of the spine, hips and shoulders. Emphasis is placed on the breathing cycle through all movements, that are performed in a slow and controlled manner.


Benefits of Inspired Physiotherapy’s Physiocise class include:

  • Commitment to your health with a regular once a week class for ten weeks
  • Improve your balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility
  • Enjoy personal attention as each class is limited to 9 people
  • Take advantage of your health fund rebates
  • Improve your posture and rid yourself of postural aches and pains

10 Pack

Valid for 12 weeks from date of purchase (not including break week)

5 Pack

Valid for 7 weeks from date of purchase (not including break week)

Casual Pass

Book Online

* Claimable from health fund – Health fund code 561

Class Times:

Mon 5.30-6.30pm, Tue 10.00-11.00am, Wed 6.30-7.30pm

Thur 6-7pm & Sat 8-9am

Term 1: 2019

Week Monday
Week 1 NO CLASS: 28th Jan 29th Jan 30th Jan 31st Jan 2nd Feb
Week 2 4th Feb 5th Feb 6th Feb 7th Feb 9th Feb
Week 3 11th Feb 12th Feb 13th Feb 14th Feb 16th Feb
Week 4 18th Feb 19th Feb 20th Feb 21st Feb 23rd Feb
Week 5 25th Feb 26th Feb 27th Feb 28th Feb 2nd March
Week 6 4th March 5th March 6th March 7th March 9th March
Week 7 11th March 12th March 13th March 14th March 16th March
Week 8 18th March 19th March 20th March 21st March 23rd March
Week 9 25th March 26th March 27th March 28th March 30th March
Week 10 1st April 2nd April 3rd April 4th April 6th April
Make up weeks: Mon 8th & 15th April/Tues 9th April/Wed 10th April/Thurs 11th April/Sat 13th April