Mature Age Exercise Class

Mature Age Exercise Class

Change the way you feel.

Past the age of 65 it is important to maintain your health and fitness and also start or increase your resisted exercise load. By doing this you are helping your body increase its bone density and improve your general fitness for a better quality of life. You’ve worked hard to get here and you want to have a functional body that can enjoy your retired life!

At Inspired Physio we run two Mature Age Exercise Classes specifically designed to cater for the over 65 year olds who are looking to improve their fitness, work on their balance to reduce the risk of falls and increase their bone density to avoid osteoporosis and stay as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Our classes run on Fridays 10am-11am and 11am-12pm with a registered physiotherapist.


Class Times: Fridays 10am-11am & 11am-12pm