What do your feet say about you?

Everyone has some basic understanding of the term ‘biomechanics’. Often we hear it in relation to learning a new sport or skill – the biomechanics of a golf swing, barbell squat or right hook for example. Biomechanics looks at the movement of joints in mechanical terms to help improve efficiency (a more powerful golf swing) and prevent injury (eliminate knees caving in on a squat). 

As physiotherapist we are primarily concerned with the injury prevention side of biomechanics and traditionally you require a keen eye and to know what you are looking at/for.

In recent years technology has begun to play a much larger role in both research (infrared cameras to capture biomechanics, slow motion analysis, force measurement via Tendo units) and clinical practise. 

Inspired Physiotherapy is now happy to provide GaitScan technology to their clients, which allows us to evaluate the biomechanics of your foot as you walk in real time. Using a digital pressure plate, GaitScan can analyse the contact of your foot through the gait cycle with ridiculous accuracy and detail – providing us with information that cannot always be seen with the naked eye.

This information allows us to evaluate potential causes of pain or injury, not just in the feet but the knee, hip or lower back as well. We can gait-scan-orthotic-therapy and compare scans pre and post injury, pre and post exercise and even pre and post treatment to evaluate effectiveness and change. The detailed scans and reports are also able to be sent to the manufacturers of orthotics to create a truly customised fit orthotic for your feet and your particular symptoms.

10 Reasons to have a GaitScan Assessment:

  • You have feet that are sore on a regular basis eg pain under your heel (plantar fasciitis),
  • If you have pain in your knees or Achilles tendon (back of your ankle),
  • If you spend a good portion of your day standing or walking on hard surfaces,
  • You play sport regularly, especially running sports,
  • Standing, walking or running gives you joint pain (ankles, knees or hip),
  • You have visible foot problems (bunions, fallen arches, corns, etc),
  • One of your legs is shorter than the other,
  • You have knock-knees or bow legs,
  • Your shoes wear out quickly or unevenly,
  • Your feet “toe out” when you walk.

If you’d like to see what your feet say about you download our free GaitScan Assessment voucher and give us a call on (02) 9674 5596 to book your spot!

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