If you have been onto our socials lately you would have noticed we have been talking about our new toy for ankle and foot stability – The Mobo. The creators claim that it can help create an environment that enables your body to sync the grounded foot with your hips and core above it, which in turn, means you are getting a whole body workout and building your kinetic chains (think of that as all your joints and muscles working together as a team).

We regularly use rockerboards or wobble boards at Inspired Physio especially for our dancers, gymnasts and runners who are most at risk for foot and ankle issues. Building strong foundations and improving on the coordination of the muscles and ligaments around the foot is hugely important for prevention and rehabilitation purposes.

The Mobo however is the new kid on the block and claims to be even better than your traditional wobble board: “Wobble boards are hard to stand on, and then you figure it out, and it gets easier, but that doesn’t mean it is ‘right’. When you use a wobble board, you aren’t training your foot to build mobility and stability as your foot was designed, you are training your body to compensate for poor foot mechanics. It’s like doing a deadlift and using your back instead of your butt. You are able to lift the weight, but you aren’t doing yourself any good.” – Jay Dicharry founder of the MOBO.

This made a lot of sense to us here at Inspired Physio and so were keen to learn more about the key features that make this such a new and exciting tool.

  1. Toe Box Technology – Support where it’s needed. MOBO is designed with a hollow box under your little toes to prevent you from using a gripping strategy, and teaches you, and your feet, to drive your big toe down to find stability through your arch. More big toe equals more power
  2. Anatomical Axis – Move the way your foot moves. MOBO is designed to teach you to control motion inside the foot in a challenging, safe range of motion. Our feet are dynamic, they are supposed to move, let’s train them that way. The axis of motion in the Mobo isn’t just random like in a wobble board. Mobo is designed to mimic the axis of pronation and supination in your subtalar joint. Because that’s how your foot actually moves! It’s pretty simple: Instead of just wobbling around in space on a BOSU or a wobble board, let’s train your foot and ankle in the way they were designed to move. It’s a better learning environment for your foot, for better results.
  3. Sync + Support – Build the kinetic chain. MOBO not only builds support through the arch for better foot control, it requires you to sync your grounded foot with your hips and core above. It’s just like teamwork: when your individual joints train together, you perform better.

We are now stocking the MOBO for purchase and we will also be using it in the clinic. If you have a niggling leg injury or maybe just want to improve on your chosen sport, then come on in and take on the challenge!

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