Keep fit and strong into your later years with our Mature Aged exercise class!

Recently Inspired Physiotherapy embarked on a brand new adventure, starting our first ever mature aged exercise class for the over 55’s! The class is perfect for those over 55’s who want to get into a bit of strength and balance training under the guidance of a physiotherapist and runs on Wednesdays at 10.30am in the clinic.

29995244_10156311004224031_2067348095_oThe hour-long class has a mixture of balance and strength training, as falls are one of the biggest risk factors for injury in the elderly, and challenging balance is a way to target this. After the age of 55 the body starts to lose bone density and muscle mass due to normal changes with ageing but keeping strong and fit can help counteract these changes and keep you mobile and active!

There is also homework sent home with the class each week, whether it be “Take a 10 minute walk per day”, “Single leg balance for 30 seconds on each leg twice a day” or even a mental stimulus, example “Think about the best book series you have read or are currently reading and share it with us at the next class” – so there’s always a hot discussion at our Wednesday class!

We have now built up a foundation of motivated and hard-working people over the past 4 weeks but are always taking expressions of interest so give us a call today if you want to be the best you can be!