These hips don’t lie…

Hip XrayAs part of my continued education this year I chose to expand my knowledge on hips and completed the Hip Differential and Prescriptive Diagnosis with Trish Wisbey-Roth.

My take aways from the weekend were how complex hip pain can be and the number of different ways to treat and diagnose the pain itself.

Hip pain can go very unnoticed – it doesn’t swell like an ankle so you can’t really see if the joint is angry / inflamed and you can easily brush it off as tight glutes from the gym or too much sitting at the office. It often takes not being able to do something like crouch down to the kids or sit cross legged to play on the floor for you to notice that something is wrong. Hip pain can be anything from torn cartilage, strained muscles or a tendinopathy.

Careful diagnosis and prescription of the correct rehab exercises for your condition can change your rate of recovery. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on this course especially for the runners and dancers that come to the clinic about how to activate your hip external rotators for better knee alignment and to avoid the pinch at the front of the hip as well as how to reduce that ache around the side of the hip that most people call greater trochanteric bursitis when it is more then likely gluteal tendinopathy.

Getting the correct diagnosis can change a 6 month old painful squat for a Junior World Champion in as little as one session which makes me very excited to help those with hip pain.