Product of the month – Formthotics

IMG_1026Formthotics are custom Medical foot orthotics. They will give your feet the comfort and support they need during the day by improving your gait, stability and balance. They will also activate stabilising muscles in your feet and reduce tissue stress to help treat and prevent injuries in the lower limb and foot.

The Formthotics come in XXS (kids) to XXL and can be fitted to your feet by one of our Physiotherapists. The material is waterproof and doesn’t absorb sweat so this means the no bacteria/fungi or foot odour and they can also be washed with a little detergent and rinse with water.

It is important to note that when you first start using Formthotics, your feet and legs may take a few days to adjust. This is because your feet are getting a level of support and control that they have never had before and your leg alignment has been slightly altered because of this. However you will soon feel the benefits of having another level of comfort and support in your shoes.

Formthotics are available at Inspired Physiotherapy for $50.00

Megan Bradley, Practice Manager