Athletes / Dancers First Aid Kit

IMG_1036I’ve recently had a few dancers travel internationally to compete in various competitions and one was recovering from quite a severe ankle injury which had required surgery. So I had to make sure that she not only had all her costumes and shoes packed but was prepared for anything, including an accident. Accidents happen – unfortunately that’s how life rolls sometimes (haha get it … rolls … sprained ankle … ok moving on) and that’s when you need your Dancers First Aid Kit!

Your general first aid kit will have your general supplies but dancers and even those playing weekend sport need  to throw a few extra things in to make it comprehensive and ready for the more common injuries that can happen. We more commonly see sprains and strains rather then eyeballs falling out of sockets so here’s what I included in the kit:

  • Brown sports tape – good for rigid support should you sprain a ligament
  • Fixomull white tape – just in case you’re actually sensitive to the brown tape – put this underneath the brown tape to prevent irritation
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage – works like a regular crepe bandage but self adhesive so no annoying sharp clippy thing that always falls off and provides adequate compression of any swelling
  • Flexe Eze Heat Patch – great for if you strain a muscle, particularly neck and back muscles (more convenient then carrying around a wheat bag)
  • Cold Spray – just like ice but you can spray it straight onto the skin and it won’t melt in your bag!
  • Fisiocrem – for any muscle aches and pains you may feel before or after the event
  • Tennis ball and golf ball – for self release and warming up muscles pre and post event

So before your next big event make sure you’re ready for anything! Have your customised first aid kit ready and rest assured that you’re prepared.

Deborah Chen