Dance school closed? Here’s how we can help!

KaylaWith dance schools being closed until further notice there must be a lot of students who are missing their regular dancing, not only for the fun and friendship but also for what it does for your body! It doesn’t take long for to start losing mobility and strength, particularly if you are used to moving and challenging your body daily.

Did you know that Inspired Physio can offer on-on-one exercise sessions and they can be tailored to your goals?  Some of the most common areas we work on are flexibility, strength, technique such as improving turn out or even just general cardio fitness. We can also target these sessions around rehabilitation for any existing or new injuries you may have. We have a variety of Pilates equipment including a Reformer and we have a fully fitted out gym area where can use weights, plyo boxes, bikes and even a treadmill. These sessions run for 60mins and are claimable on your health fund!

We are taking the highest level of precautions with hygiene and are sanitizing all equipment before and after use. These sessions will only be with one participant at a time and thus there will only be 2 people in the gym area at any one time.

So if you are keen to keep your fitness up or are wanting to use this time to help sort out any injuries then give the clinic a call today!