Changes to Pilates Services

photos-pilates-reformer-1From the 1 April 2019 Private Health Funds will no longer cover some natural therapies including ‘Pilates’ sessions. How does this affect Inspired Physio? The Australian Physiotherapy Association has fought and negotiated for physiotherapists to continue to be able to conduct individual and group exercise sessions which include some exercises drawn from Pilates.

What does this mean for you?

New clients joining our group exercises classes – now called ‘Physiocise’ will need to have an individual session with one of our physiotherapists to ensure they are prescribed suitable exercises to be done in class which cater for their needs. Some of these exercises may be drawn from Pilates based exercises and combined with evidence based rehab exercises. From there, they may join one of our classes and we will continue to use the Private Health Fund code 561 so that you’re able to claim from your private health fund.

What is Physiocise?

Physiocise is a combination of Pilates inspired exercises combined with clinically appropriate exercises that are evidence based for improving function. These exercises may involve some Pilates equipment but are conducted within a therapeutic framework.


Visit the Physiocise page for dates and times of classes!