Camboot (Tall and Ankle Walkers)

ankle-walkerA Camboot/Walker is a boot used for the treatment of lower limb injuries where immobolisation is required. It is also used for non or partial weight baring injuries. Not only will it keep your foot / ankle stable it will protect it while your foot / ankle heals and reduce the load and stress placed on your foot as you do your day-to-day activities.

The boot will fit either your left or right foot and has an easy adjustable Velcro closure and a rocker sole to help make walking easier. Unlike a cast, the boot can be taken on and off to shower and the inner lining can be removed and washed.

At Inspired Physiotherapy we stock two ranges of Camboots – tall and short/ankle walkers. The tall walker is most suitable for fractures of the ankle bones, severe ankle sprains or torn ankle ligaments. Where as the short walker is more suitable to foot injuries – fractures of the toes/foot or torn ligaments in the foot. Our Physios Chris or Deb will advise which boot is suitable for your specific injury and teach you how to put in on and take it off. We would also advise wearing a similar height shoe on the other foot e.g. joggers to ensure you don’t throw out your hips or back.

Although the boot may take some getting used to, you will find it is the best thing in the long run for your foot/ankle/toe to be able to heal in a timely fashion. If you require a camboot/walker simply call us on 9674 5596 to book in a fitting.

Tall: $80.00/Short/Ankle: $60.00

Megan Bradley, Practice Manager