Back rest supports for chairs and car seats: How they can seriously help your back pain!

Sitting down for hours at a time for work is something most of us are all too familiar with. But it doesn’t always have to mean pain. Sometimes just by changing the way you sit can mean a reduction in pain levels and having better function through the day.

One of the ways we can correct our sitting posture is by using a back support or lumbar roll. These supports aim to encourage the correct alignment of the spine. Most commonly we tend to slouch through our lower back causing the natural curve in the lower back to flatten. The picture below gives a good visual of that (and I bet it’s all too familiar!).


The picture below shows how a lumbar support for your office chair or car seat can really help maintain the natural lumbar curve and prevent you from slouching. This can not only help alleviate lower back pain but also mid/upper back pain.



There are quite a few different options of lumbar rolls/back supports out there. We have some different options in the clinic for you to try, so why not give us a call or make an appointment to get yourself assessed and work out which type is best for you.