August – Tradies Health Month

Foam rollingAugust is Tradies Health Month! Here are a few facts that you may not know about tradies…

  • Every day 10 tradies are badly injured at work
  • There are 3650 tradies on Workers Compensation every year
  • Nearly a quarter of all roofers, labourers and plumbers experience back pain, muscle stress and strain from lifting equipment or slips, trips, and falls when handling materials.

Tradies fix most things but not always themselves – they are usually last on their list of things to fix and this is a fact that we need to change.

Do you work to live or live to work? I personally work to live – I love my job but I also love life and want to make sure that any aches and pains that I have are sorted out quickly so that I can perform my best at work and also be able to do all the fun stuff outside of work including snowboarding and playing with Bob and Maple (our pups).

Listening to your body can be a fine art but it’s something that we can help you do – we can educate you on how to recognise a niggle that may resolve from a niggle that’s going to become an injury. We can also teach you preventative measures to so that you can be in control of your body rather then having your aches and pains control you.

For National Tradies Health Month our physios will be offering Tradies free mobility sessions! If you and your team would rather prevent injuries from occurring then wait for an accident to happen please call the clinic on 9674 5596 to book in for your session!

Deborah Chen, Physiotherapist

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