Sports & Powerlifting

Sports & Powerlifting

Playing sports or keeping fit is an important part of Australian society. We enjoy being in the team community and looking our best. What we don’t enjoy is being injured or in pain and this can often stop us from participating in what we love to do.

At Inspired Physiotherapy we aim to assess and treat your sports injuries and get you back on the field as soon as possible. We keep in mind your goals, whether it be getting back into the fitness scene after a few years off or making sure you can play the grand final and not let your team down. We will assess your pain or injury, treat it with the appropriate methods and develop a plan that will get you back to your peak performance.

Our clinic boasts state of the art gym equipment so our physiotherapists can tailor a rehab program that can be used both at the clinic, at home and at commercial gyms. Our physiotherapists, Deborah and Chris, have also been involved in a number of sports growing up including swimming, netball, for Deb, primarily dance and now powerlifting and for Chris State level athletics and soccer.

Our team understand the demands we put on our body to compete and participate in elite level sports but also understand that guidance is required when returning to sport after a period of time off.

Sports Coverage

If you want your team to have the edge on your competitors – Inspired Physiotherapy can provide sports coverage. This involves an Inspired Physiotherapist providing

  • Pre-game services to improve your on field performance, this can include sports taping and massage
  • First aid during the game and
  • Post game assessment and advice of any injuries that may have occurred during the game.

This is a great way to keep your team injury free for the season and have all your players at their peak for every game.


Our physiotherapists Deb and Chris are both competitive powerlifters in Australia having competed with Global Powerlifting Committee Australia (GPC) and Powerlifting Australia (IPF – PA). Both Deb and Chris have been lifting for over a decade with Deb winning 2016 Hercules of the Hills and 2014 Sydney Cup and ranking top 5 in Australia in the 52kg class in 2015 with Chris coaching her throughout her lifting career.

Both Deb and Chris are able to assess your technique in the Inspired Physiotherapy gym and identify what may be causing your injury as well as adjust your technique to prevent injuries from re-occurring. They both have valuable experience in movement analysis and can relate to their own experiences to assist you in getting the most of your strength program.