Aches & Pains

Aches & Pains

Aches and pains are not only annoying but can also impact on your mood and how you feel about yourself. It can affect how you feel when around family and friends, at sport and at work as well. Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy life rather then have that persistent niggle bothering you?

At Inspired Physiotherapy, we take a holistic approach to your aches and pains. Just because you feel pain in one area does not necessarily mean that that is the area causing the pain. Our experienced physiotherapist will ensure that a complete history is taken so that they are able to locate the true source of your pain and help you deal with it. We also look at other factors that may be impacting on your aches and pains, such as your work environment, your family life, commitment to sports and stress levels. Each of these factors are equally as important as each other in improving your aches and pains. Having a complete history will allow us to prescribe the correct treatment and exercises to help prevent pain from returning.

A holistic approach also means that we can tailor our treatment and prescribe exercises to suit your busy schedule. You may not have the time to stop and do five physio exercises each day when you’re trying to get the kids to sports or dancing or commuting to and from work. At Inspired Physiotherapy we try to make our exercises a habit – allow them to become part of your routine. We also aim to identify which everyday tasks may be flaring up your pain e.g. head down postures to cook and clean may be causing tension headaches.

Inspired physiotherapy is also a one stop shop for physiotherapy supplies / products. We have a range of products that help you to self manage your niggles and treat yourself:

  • Lumbar support for sitting postures in the car / at work desk
  • Bakballs for sitting posture or massaging knots between your shoulder blades
  • Therabands for resistance exercises / build some muscle
  • Stick on heat packs for when you still have to run around doing errands with a sore back
  • Formthortics to help correct foot posture and reduce arch and heel pain
  • Ankle or knee braces for support while playing sport
  • Fisiocrem – a heat cream made from natural products that doesn’t have a terrible odor